Reasons Why a Man and a Woman Become Sterile

Posted on Hulyo 3, 2011


Sexually transmitted disease

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Nowadays, there are men and women blaming themselves and even challenged the Lord – asking Him “Why we cannot have children?” without realizing that He has provided them the most vital elements to produce offspring out from their blood and flesh. 

English Dictionary defines Sterile as barren: not fertile, unable to have offspring; producing no fruit, seeds or crops. 

Have you heard a man saying he is a sterile? Or a woman saying she could not beget a child without some valid reasons confirmed by trusted doctors? 

It was found that sterility due to physical debility can result from poor health as a consequence of certain acute or chronic diseases like inflammation of fallopian tubes, chronic anaemia, constipation and leucorrhoea. 

Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis and other forms of STDs also contribute infertility for men and women. 

Some experts also found that excessive masturbation can cause a man and a woman to become sterile. Masturbation is a healthy exercise and it is normal. Some doctors considered it as a natural way to help lower the risks of prostate cancer. However, it needs not to be abused. 

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