Osama Bin Laden: The Greatest Actor

Posted on Mayo 15, 2011


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Even the superstars of Hollywood could not surpass Osama bin Laden’s stardom and his undiminished popularity. He’s brilliant. His acting was super and has shaken the world. Now he’s believed a cold dead meat! How true is it?

My thought about Osama bin Laden are based mainly from what I read from newspapers and Internet, from what I saw from Television and YouTube videos, from what I heard from Radios and from people I meet everyday.

Obviously, the people behind the media are the people who popularized Osama bin Laden. This included the thousands of Journalists around the world, the Televisions hosts and newscasters, the Radio hosts and broadcasters, the Cameramen, the Bloggers and other Writers and the common people. And according to FBI -Osama bin Laden was one of the Ten most wanted fugitives of the world. His head was equivalents to 25 millions US dollars plus another 2 millions US dollars for those who can guide of Osama bin Laden whereabouts.

If there were terrorists attacks that killed hundreds and thousands of innocents people and destroyed buildings and other properties Osama bin Laden’s name was always connected to them – as the planner or the mastermind. Example for this was the September 11 tragedy. But Osama bin Laden had denied these accusations.

Osama bin Laden’s popularity began when he joined and supported mujahideen – the Muslim fighters fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, when he established in 1984 an organization named Maktab al-Khadamat known as (MAK), which was supported by the governments of Pakistan, United States and Saudi Arabia. When in 1988 Osama bin Laden had left MAK and established a new rebel group called al-Queda. For details better watch the video about Bin Laden’s beginnings.

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Now Osama bin Laden is believed a cold dead meat. However, there are people who still don’t believed that he was killed as there was no evidence yet of his dead body!

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